Every appointment I've had with M and L Dental has been great. I am always greeted courteously by the staff, then quickly seen by Dr. Tong while having dental work done, I am always informed of the procedures and details of the work. It's a pleasure to be a patient with M&L !
J. Anthony H

Switching to M & L was one of the best decisions i have ever made in regards to my oral care. Dr. Tong and his staff are an outstanding group of people, very knowledgeable and always friendly! You have earned yourselves a lifetime customer.

Every visit I have with Dr. Tong I feel that he is providing the best and highest quality dental care possible. He uses the latest proven technologies and explains the work he is performing on me so that i am comfortable with any decisions. His staff members are always friendly and responsive which just makes the overall experience great.

Visiting this dental office is like visiting a family member. Everyone is very welcoming to us... to my husband, to my daughter. the most important thing is they explain the treatment and the insurance. I'm happy to be here

I discovered this office walking by, and so i inquired about the dentist. I'm very pleased to be a patient of Dr. tong and his staff. Everyone is courteous and professional. Dr. tong is very knowledgeable and i like that he keeps up to date with the latest in dentistry.

The overall experience at the dental office is always an enjoyable experience. The staff is friendly and attentive when it comes to my needs. I don't ever feel afraid to speak up if i am uncomfortable at any point. Dr. Tong is good at making sure I'm well informed about the procedures before and after which helps with the experience and makes me less nervous. The office is pretty nice too so that' a benefit.

Everyone is helpful, friendly and attempts to make visiting the dentist a very pleasurable experience. Your staff is professional and courteous. I'm very pleased with the service and Dr. Tong style of keeping me posted on the treatment and alternatives. I enjoy his straight forward approach.
Pilar B.

I love the whole crew of M & L Dental. Dr Tong is very meticulous, which i like, and the staff is very friendly and helpful. Thank you for making dental visits pleasant.

This dentist was a new experience for me with the new technology this dental office has. I would recommend this dental to anyone, who still goes to the dentist with the old technology. The staff members were really friendly , they explained things in full detail to you.

I have been a patient since 2003. I've always been afraid of going to a dentist, but Dr. Tong and his assistant always put me at ease. In addition, I really like it when Dr. Tong takes his time to explain the procedures that he would perform in my teeth. He is a very knowledgeable and experienced dentist. Also, the staff is very friendly and helpful.

My impression was more toward the recent technology being used compared to other dentist. Michael appeared knowledgeable on the new technology and always found better more effective methods for procedures. I like that.

Dr. Tong is very knowledgeable and explains dental process very well. The staff is very friendly and the office is very clean.
Sue C.

I have always had a very pleasant experience with Dr. Tong and his staff. They are very sweet and friendly. They all remember me every time i come in even after six months. Dr. Tong is very helpful in working with my schedule and finances. He is very knowledgeable about my insurance coverage as well. He also is honest about my oral care and doesn't suggest treatment that isn't necessary. He is very gentle and hasn't hurt me once. This is the best dental office I have ever been to. I am very happy with all my care here.

The staff here at M & L Dental are friendly and courteous as well as professional. They do their best to accommodate you as far as giving you appointments that fit your schedule. I definitely recommend M & L Dental to anyone looking for a good dentist.
Jerry M.

Dr. Tong and his staff are very great. Dr. Tong takes the time to explain what the problems are, and what he will do to fix them. Al of the staff members are very helpful, courteous and friendly as well. Overall it was a very good experience.
Steven P.

I am very pleased to be a patient of Dr. Tong and his staff. Everyone here is super friendly. I would recommend this office to anyone. Awesome staff and overall experience! Best dental office I have ever been to.
Jenna A.

I appreciate that Dr. Tong explains everything to me in great detail in regards to my dental care, treatment and fees. The staff are always friendly and courteous.

My experience with M &L Dental has been great! Dr. Tong is very gentle and always makes sure that I feel no pain! The staff always greets me with a smile and they are very welcoming, not to mention funny. I never have to worry about my appointments having any pain. They do everything possible to make each and every person as comfortable as possible.
M. Wolfe

My entire family sees Dr. Tong, so coming is just like visiting a close friend. The staff here is wonderful and that makes the visits very comfortable. Dr. Tong is very knowledgeable and spends a lot of time explaining the procedures so you always understand whats being done. I would highly recommend Dr. Tong to my close friends.

I think this is a really great dental place and the staff is very nice and gentle.
Gregory W.

Dr. Tong really takes his time explaining everything. I highly recommend this office to anyone who needs a cleaning or major work.